Love in Action

Love in Action

Monthly Leadership Conversations with Marcel & Robb

Event by Marcel Schwantes

Great event with Marcel and Robb, here is what we discussed:

  • Emotional Distance – a Servant Leadership Challenge; Setting boundaries as a Leader with your team
  • Leaders as Role Models
  • Deepen Trust; The Trust Equation states that trustworthiness is equal to the sum of credibility, reliability, and intimacy divided by a person’s self-orientation.
  • Coach people for Decision Making and Delegation – but must have measures in place – Keep balance by holding them Accountable as you Empower them – release them within a boundary
  • How often do you meet with your team – 30 min a week or month – connect as humans on Empathy levels
  • Storytelling and sharing lessons learned; ask first “What Contributed to shaping you today?” – Seek to learn what others are passionate about?

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